Frequently Asked Questions

What's a retro?

'Retro' is short for retrospective. Retrospectives are used by software teams to reflect on their recent work, with the aim of identifying where they can improve, and—more importantly—of generating action items that will help them make those improvements.

How much does RemoteRetro cost?

Zero! Zilch! Nada! It's FREE.

Who can use RemoteRetro?

Anyone with a Google account of any kind can enter a retrospective!

How many people should participate in a retro?

Ideally, a retrospective will contain no more than 10 people. Exceed 10, and participants will check out because they feel they can go unnoticed. If you can, keep the numbers low!

How long should our retros be?

TLDR; Your team should budget an hour per sprint retrospective.

Millions of technical and social interactions take place in any given sprint/iteration, so teams should budget at least 45 minutes for a retrospective. Any less, and your team is likely to discuss surface-level behaviors without identifying underlying causes and issues. And spending an hour and a half or more can result in introverted teammates checking out entirely. So an hour is the sweet spot for sprint/iteration retrospectives. More time can be budgeted for retrospectives covering broader timelines, but your team should take breaks to avoid social exhaustion.

My team is entirely colocated. Should we use RemoteRetro?

That depends. If you have a large TV on which to show the board, RemoteRetro will expedite the idea submission, grouping, and voting process, but be mindful that once you get to the discussion/action items stage, non-facilitators should put their laptops away to maximize face-to-face communication.

What's RemoteRetro's privacy policy?

Read it!

Where can I learn about planned features and updates?

Our backlog is public, and resides in GitHub issues, which can be viewed in priority order via the wonderful ZenHub Chrome extension.

How can I submit feedback on my experience?

Bugs and feature requests can be filed via GitHub issues at or via email at